According to our vision and mission, it was essential to find a solution by which our Clients could have been ensured that servie and consulting could have been offered under one sole coordination, organization, relationship and responsibility, in order to create a consistent competitive advantage.


We have been looking therefore for the most suitable legislation in several European countries, to grant the key values of the legal consultancy and the efficiency of the integration with business process outsourcing, as core business of our group since 1977.


The best option which has been selected after about two years of study, has finally been the ‘Alternative Business Company’, which has been created only a few years ago from the UK Common Law environment: see on website 


This solution has allowed us to grant the legal independency due to the strict control of the SRA/Solicitor’s Regulation Authority and the opportunity to own the majority of the shares by a majority capital shareholder (HTLC Network Group Holding A.G. -, which can grant several important multinaltional Clients portfolios, the capitalization, information technology (GSI CRM-ERP) and quality certification procedures necessary for the activity development. The ABS registration process is starting in October 2017 and will be confirmed in this web site as soon as completed. In the meantime all the set up and paralegal activities will be already active.