V.A.T. registration number (VRN):   GB 2683 75856
  Companies House:    1060 5770
  Incorporation date:   7th of February, 2017
  Legal & administrative address:

  88, Wood Street, 10th - 11th Floor
  EC2V 7RS London U.K.

  Date of A.B.S. application in UK
  by the  Solicitors Regulation Authority:


  Majority shareholder:    HTLC Network S.a g.l.
  (becoming S.A. from 1/5/2018) -  Switzerland
  HTLC Network Group registered Trade Mark:

  Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual    Property Bern N.672.295

  HTLC Network Legal registered Trade Mark:  
  Compliance Officer for Legal Practice:    Mr. Jupinderjit Dhillon - UK Solicitor - Director
  Compliance Officer for Finance & Admin:

  Mr. Richard Bevan - UK Chartered Public        Accountant & Director

  Sales & I.T. management:

   Mr. Luca Martin - Swiss Trustee - IT        Chartered HR Consultant & Auditor - Director